Welcome New Members

We experienced quite a strong surge in membership late last year and leading into 2014. Lucky us! With backgrounds ranging in technology, policy, communications, and more, these passionate and talented professionals are sure to accelerate change and create lasting change for our partnerships and teams this year. Join us in welcoming them to our network!

Lauren Dupont, The Trium Group | Leah Edwards, Stanford Graduate School of Business | Rebecca Foster, Fuse Corps | Christine Guardia, Fuse Corps | Lindsay Gore, NetApp | Katy Johnson, Wells Fargo Foundation | Teresa Keller, Round the World with Us | Nellie Keyhani, Whittier Trust | Piyush Kumar, Twitter | Kyle Miller, Kiva | Rahul Mewawalla, Fuse Corps | Niland Mortimer, HCB Health | Ray Mueller, City of Menlo Park | Zanoon Nissar, Google, Inc. | Linda Provenza, Strategies for Change, Inc. | Meredith Shuey Etherington, Litman Gregory Asset Management | Averell Ryland, The Trium Group | Bob Schafer, Verizon Communications | Alia Santini, The Trium Group | Rob Schwartz, New Teacher Center | Julian Sproul, Feeding Forward | April Stout, New Teacher Center | Douglas Tilden, Round the World with Us | Justin Zalkin, Apple

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