Member Spotlight: Roxana Shirkhoda, A Rising Star

Roxana Shirkhoda joined Full Circle Fund early 2013, but in just one year, her impressive leadership, passion and vision have shone in our membership. During the day, she's a education specialist at Google, focusing on engaging students and non-profits in the realm of computer science, and collaborating with with organizations around the world to ensure that access to education is never a hindrance to the creation of technology. When in Full Circle Fund mode, she's tackling issues in the education space and leveling the playing field for disadvantaged youth. Go, Roxy!

Roxana Shirkhoda

K-12 Education Outreach Specialist at Google

Member Since January 2013

FCF: Why are you a Full Circle Fund Member? What drew you to the organization?

RS: I’m a FCF Member because I couldn’t say no to Tim. He should be a lawyer. Okay, what I really couldn’t say no to was joining a network of motivated and passionate people from the Bay Area who choose to spend their free time supporting local non-profits. How cool is that? After I joined, I quickly realized that FCF is a place where I could not only support local education efforts in partnership with like-minded people -- but I could also have a great time doing it. And you just can’t argue with that.

FCF: What is the most meaningful aspect of being a Member?

RS: Knowing that people care. And they care with intent on making a tangible difference -- that means a lot to me as a member. There are so many smart people at Full Circle, and I constantly feel like I’m learning something new and growing as a person. It’s really rewarding to know you’re surrounded by individuals who are open to sharing their expertise to not only further a cause, but to educate those around them as well.

FCF: In three words, how would you describe Full Circle Fund/its network/work?

RS: Um, it’s amazing. (We like that answer!)

FCF: What are you most passionate about?

RS: Seeing racial discrimination disappear in my lifetime. Which is a fitting topic considering Black History Month. Around this time last year, I met Clarence Jones -- a close friend, advisor, and speech writer for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speaking with him reminded me that 1) radical change to our racial system happened not that long ago and 2) there is still so much progress to be made.

FCF: What or who motivates you the most?

RS: Courageous individuals who have dramatically shaped the way we live our lives and perceive others. I’m kind of a nerd. And have a list of these people on my phone/with me at all times to remind me of the difference one person alone can make. In light of Black History Month -- it seems fitting to share my secret list -- Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela.

FCF: What is one thing no one knows about you?

RS: I’m deathly afraid of sharks. If I saw one, I imagine it would not work out well for me.

FCF: Who is the person you’re most interested in meeting and why?

RS: If I could go back in time, it would definitely be Rosa Parks. Not only because she lived the end of her life in Detroit, 30min away from my home, but because I am entirely enthralled with the civil rights movement and the leaders who stood up for what they believed was right -- to set an example for and influence the world we live in today. Plus, I love bad-ass women. And Rosa Parks was one of them.

FCF: What are three items you can’t live without?

RS: My cat, Jimmy. My camera. And cheesecake.Roxy spent last year co-leading our MOUSE Squad partnership, and this year, will focus on empowering girls.

Thank you for everything you do for the community, Roxy!

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