The Trium Group + Full Circle Fund Partner to Help Cultivate Emerging Leaders

At our 2014 Kick-Off in January, we announced a new and exciting strategic partnership with The Trium Group, a catalyst in the consulting sector that will add great value to our grant partners and network through the new Trium Leadership Circle. We are very happy to be partnering with The Trium Group to advance social change in the Bay Area through finding and cultivating emerging leaders.

The Trium Leadership Circle is an initiative that aims to support our 2014 Grant Partners through providing the nonprofits' leaders with a collaborative leadership cohort program focused on key organizational issues, including: fundraising strategy, staff performance, board management, organizational storytelling, problem solving, and more. The cohort will officially launch in June, once the 2014 Full Circle Fund grant partners are selected.

We are thrilled to have the guidance of Trium's thought leadership to support and strengthen our Grant Partners' strategic management.

"Part of Trium's mission has always been to meaningfully connect with our community and invest in leaders who are committed to making a real difference in the Bay Area and the world. We are thrilled to partner with Full Circle Fund and deliver on our intention. The Trium Leadership Circle allows us to bring over 20+ years of business experience to emerging leaders in the non-profit space. In the end, I am not sure who will get more out of the program: the members of the Trium Leadership Circle or our staff who have the privilege of serving this dynamic group." - Catherine Gray, Partner at The Trium Group

"Our new partnership with The Trium Group will provide unparalleled leadership development to all Executive Directors/Nonprofit Leaders in our 2014 Grant Portfolio. It has been exciting to learn about The Trium Group and their mission and dedication to helping develop a wide array of leaders, including social sector executives. Our grant partners will benefit tremendously from this cohort model."- Tim Smith, Executive Director of Full Circle FundWe would also like to warmly welcome Lauren Dupont, Averell McFerran, & Alia Santini from The Trium Group into our membership!

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