Inquiry Teams Are Up and Running!

We are thrilled to announce that we've officially launched our grant cycle, and inquiry teams in all Circles are off to a great start!

Members have identified the issues, and are now now working together to research and vet potential grant partners that might be a good fit for our 2014 grant portfolio. In May, all teams will select and finalize our Grant Partners for this grant cycle.

Here are teams forming within each Circle:

Economic Opportunity:

Access to Justice

Tech for Good

21st Century Youth Skills


Early Childhood

Empowering Girls


Outside of School Time

Leveraging Tech for SF Schools


Sustainable Food Systems

Collaborative Consumption & Sharing Economy

Now is one of the best times to join our membership and dive into the inquiry phase with a team. Infuse your ideas and help answer the tough questions, while helping shape the future of our 2014 projects! If you are ready to get involved and want to learn more, contact Kirsten Strobel, Director of Development & Partnerships.

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