Vivian Wu, 2013 Member of the Year, Joins Full Circle Fund Board

We are overjoyed to announce a new addition to the dynamic Full Circle Fund board: Vivian Wu, our 2013 Member of the Year, who, in her two years as a Member, has impressively led initiatives within our Education Circle and shown her sincere commitment to creating lasting change in the Bay Area and beyond.

Vivian Wu, Member since 2012

Managing Partner, VEW Capital

Impact Circle: Education

FCF: What inspired you to continue and deepen your engagement with Full Circle Fund?

VW: Since I joined, my experience as a member and leading a team has completely surpassed my expectations. I’ve been impressed and inspired by our member community, by the dedication of our staff, and by the chance to drive social change through the amazing non-profits we partner with. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of Full Circle Fund, so I jumped at the chance to help grow our impact as an organization.

FCF: How have your Full Circle Fund experiences shaped your outlook on philanthropy?

VW: Actually seeing our teams and network in action really reinforced to me the power of our engaged philanthropy model.Take a high potential non-profit. Add grant capital. Then add a group of folks committed to social change, with private and non-profit sector expertise, and willing to dive right in. Voilà! It makes sense to me, especially as an investor and former consultant!

FCF: What do you hope to gain and give as a Board Member?

VW: I see joining the board as an opportunity to help an organization that I love to keep improving and growing its impact. I’m looking forward to working with Tim and the rest of the board to drive forward the vision we all share for Full Circle. As far as what I hope to give, it starts with my passion for the Full Circle mission. I also think that we are really a member-driven organization, and being so actively involved in the Ed Circle gives me important insight into the member experience! I’m now on my third grant cycle and fourth project. Finally, I have served on many for profit boards of growing companies, so I will hopefully have a good perspective to contribute on governance, organizational strategy and execution.

FCF: What has been your favorite or most meaningful Full Circle Fund moment thus far?

VW: This is a hard one - there are so many to choose from. Leading the Caliber Schools team last year was definitely a highlight – I loved my team and I am so inspired by the Caliber vision. I was thrilled to be named Member of the Year. And I also really enjoyed our cross-circle project wrap up, where we heard what all the teams have accomplished this past year – and it’s a lot!

FCF: What are you most looking forward to this year?

VW: I can't wait to finalize our grant process and roll up my sleeves on another project within the Education Circle. I'm really thrilled about the themes that we’re focusing on this year - especially the intersection of technology and San Francisco schools.I'm also very excited to work closely with Tim and the board on a few of our strategic initiatives this year, including our focus on member and grantee impact. Everyone’s got great ideas and I know it will be a fun 2014! Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this interview, Vivian -- and of course, for your hard work and leadership as a Member. We look forward to seeing you grow in your new role!

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