Mills Teacher Scholars

Mission: Mills Teacher Scholars focuses on placing learning at the heart of teaching by building communities where teachers grow in their knowledge, skills and dispositions to be high-level professionals. They do this by helping teachers address the complex circumstances of their students’ learning through the systematic, on-going collaborative study of their students’ work. Teachers and coaches meet monthly to discuss their questions with their colleagues and to systematically study the data that they collect to answer their questions, including classroom video data, student work, student interview data, and observational data, and present their findings to their colleagues following a year of staff coaching.

Approach: After steadily scaling their model since 2011 across school sites in six East Bay school districts, Mills Teacher Scholars sought out new approaches for growing their programs and sharing their teacher-led inquiry model with others. Full Circle Fund Education Circle Members are partnering with Mills Teacher Scholars to create a sustainable foundation for organizational growth through financial, marketing and capacity planning frameworks.

Key activities have included:

  • Landscape Analysis – understanding growth opportunities, similar programs and Mills Teacher Scholars’ competitive differentiation.

  • Marketing Research – identifying the value proposition through interviews with program participants and key stakeholders across the various school sites.

  • Financial Analysis – reviewing current budget, financials and relevant strategic documents for each school site.


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