Niroga Institute

Mission: Niroga Institute integrates Mindful ABCs – Act, Breathe, Center – into a powerful intervention that can be implemented in the classroom and home, by teachers, students and parents. It builds stress resilience, increases learning readiness, enables emotion regulation, and increases prosocial behavior in children and youth, and the adults around them, helping develop the whole child, teacher and parent, transforming lives and learning.

Approach: Niroga has been extremely successful in reducing trauma-induced stress of students and teachers within the classroom; however, much of this stress originates in students’ homes and communities, and often from parents’ stress. After partnering with Full Circle Fund, Niroga launched a project to address the root cause of students’ stress by bringing Niroga curriculum into students’ homes to reduce parents’ stress.


  • User interviews & testing

  • Redesigned online training course signup flow



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