Mission: RE-volv’s mission is to empower people and communities to invest collectively in renewable energy. Through crowdfunding, RE-volv lets individuals who support clean energy chip in a few dollars to help create solar powered communities around the United States. When a person donates to a solar project, the impact each dollar has doesn’t stop when the panels are installed. Community-serving nonprofits and co-ops pay nothing up front for the solar energy system, but over time they pay RE-volv back through a lease with interest, just like you would lease a car. Each project funded ends up paying for an additional 3-5 community solar projects across the country, creating a revolving fund that grows and grows with time.

Approach: With three community-based projects now successfully complete, RE-volv has reached an inflection point in their growth, requiring them to scale their platform and organization in order to sustain their model. Full Circle Fund Environment and Energy Circle Members are partnering with RE-volv to help them empower anyone to initiate a solar crowdfunding campaign, leading to the installation of a solar energy project for a nonprofit or co-op in their community.

Key project activities have included:

  • Program Analysis - planning for the launch of the Solar Champion program and identifying success metrics.

  • Marketing Strategy Assessment – adapting existing collateral and developing new education materials and tutorials for a Solar Champion Toolkit.

  • Target Market Analysis – leveraging website analytics and donor survey data to better understand RE-volv’s online audience and user behavior.

  • Digital Needs Assessment – outlining a plan for improving the website user experience and identifying efficiencies for vetting of potential solar energy project.


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