Center for Food Safety

Mission: A model for changing the conversation around climate change... Industrial agriculture has taken a toll on the environment and on food quality. Sustainable farming practices have been replaced with synthetic fertilizers and other chemical and mechanical technologies that compromise soil tilth and fertility. As a result, soil on today’s farms has lost up to 70 percent of its original carbon content. While this is a disturbing trend, it also presents a tremendous opportunity to capture carbon from the atmosphere, as a gas and sequester it underground, in a solid form. Doing this reduces the quantity of heat-trapping carbon dioxide that causes climate change, and has marked benefits for food crops, water quality, and, ultimately, human health.

Center for Food Safety (CFS) is a national public interest organization that discourages the use of harmful food production practices and encourages organic, sustainable agriculture. CFS has been a leader in the food movement for 18 years, using legal, policy, corporate, public education, and grassroots campaigns to protect our food, farms, and environment. Among their many accomplishments, CFS helped secure passage of the first genetically engineered labeling amendment, published a groundbreaking report that illustrates the link between industrial agriculture and climate change, and initiated the first-ever Supreme Court case that successfully required the regulation of global warming pollution emissions – hailed as one of the most important environmental cases in US history.

Approach: As part of its Soil Program campaign, CFS partnered with acclaimed author and long-time supporter Michael Pollan to narrate a video about the link between soil quality and climate change. To leverage Pollan’s presence, CFS sought strategies for communicating this complex information in a concise and accessible manner, and for optimizing reach and awareness among the target audience.

The Full Circle Fund team provided:

  • Screenplay development – creating an engaging narrative that explored how climate change can be addressed through soil solutions.

  • Digital needs assessment – scoping the creative requirements of upcoming campaigns and sourcing pro-bono service providers

  • Marketing Strategy assessment– exploring suitable channels for expanding reach and maximizing impact


  • Compelling Anthem Video- The Full Circle Fund team played a pivotal role in creating a timeless video that elegantly communicated CFS’s vision. Narrated by Pollan, Soil Solutions to Climate Problems elicits powerful emotions among viewers, who are gently reminded that climate change is the issue of our time, and that, together, we are all a part of this movement. Over 70,000 people worldwide watched the video in the first few months. The Full Circle Team assisted in all facets of the project, and provided key contacts, including a musician to score the soundtrack and other pro-bono and discounted creative service professionals.

  • Microsite Development- The Full Circle Fund team provided guidance and resources that allowed CFS to launch, a stunning microsite focused on highlighting soil solutions to climate change. This extends CFS’s digital presence and allows current and prospective supporters a new avenue to learn more or make contact.Partnering with Full Circle Fund gave CFS the tools to look beyond tactical steps and think more strategically about increasing brand visibility across multiple channels. Leveraging their Full Circle Fund grant, four CFS members attended the historical United Nations COP21 conference in Paris. The French Ministry of Agriculture screened the video to a global audience of environment and agriculture ministers. CFS held several official events that highlighted the under-recognized opportunity to rebuild soil carbon on the global stage. In addition to this high-profile exposure, CFS plans to further develop to engage new supporters and continue the momentum of this groundbreaking — or rather groundbuilding — approach to climate.


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