Lotus Bloom

Mission: Lotus Bloom is a multicultural organization that develops and provides innovative programs for inner-city children, youth and families. Through their creative programming, they seek to empower individuals to realize their full potential and transcend their dreams into reality. They provide arts, crafts, music, and literacy activities to help promote language development and early learning experiences. Since opening in 2009, Lotus Bloom and founder Angela Louie have been recognized with a Jefferson Award for Public Service and the Berkeley Board Fellows Impact Project Award.

Approach: Lotus Bloom has a track record of successfully attracting and engaging their key program stakeholders: caregivers and kids ages 0-5. However, they have struggled with communicating with the education community at large about the impact of their program in a culturally sensitive and strength-based way. Full Circle Fund Education Circle Members are partnering with Lotus Bloom to better articulate their program model to a wider audience, and ultimately position Lotus Bloom to measure and evaluate their impact over time.

Key project activities have included:

  • Best Practice Research – defining metrics commonly used for measuring nonprofit impact

  • Focus Group Research – interviewing client and staff stakeholders to understand Lotus Bloom’s unique value proposition

  • Marketing and Brand Assessment – collecting and evaluating existing materials


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