The Conscious Kitchen

Mission: The Conscious Kitchen (TCK) is a program of Sausalito-based non-profit Turning Green that is dedicated to a systemic transformation of school dining, the health and improved life outcomes of our children, and a thriving future for our planet.The Conscious Kitchen partners with schools to shift the paradigm around food service, based on five foundational terms: fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non-GMO (FLOSN). Since launching in 2013, TCK has transformed school culture in the dining hall and beyond. Teachers have reported leadership exhibited by students, improved academic performance, decrease in disciplinary cases, increase in attendance, students treating one another with respect and kindness, and open communication.

Approach: Following some early success scaling their program, which now serves 500 students in Marin County, The Conscious Kitchen aspired to create a robust structure to guide how they choose partners and effectively scale their program. Leveraging the V2MOM model, Full Circle Fund Health Circle Members are partnering with The Conscious Kitchen to develop a project plan for outlining strategic program priorities and building a process for on-boarding an additional school in the Fall of 2016.

Key activities in approaching the TCK grant partnership have included:

  • Organizational Alignment Exercise – facilitating strategic planning discussions for incorporating TCK program priorities into Turning Green’s organizational plan.

  • Marketing Strategy Assessment – reviewing overall communication materials for ease of use and providing a multi-step readiness structure.

  • Partnership Exploration – creating a framework for vetting potential partners based on organizational bandwidth and strategic priority alignment.


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