Beyond 12

Mission: Beyond 12 is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the number of first generation, underrepresented and low-income students who graduate from our nation’s colleges and universities. Through an innovative technology platform and a student coaching service, Beyond 12 acts as a data and service bridge between our lower and higher education systems.

Approach: Beyond 12 identified needs that Full Circle Fund’s team tackled as part of the grant. Members conducted internal interviews with key stakeholders: staff, board, funders, to understand goals and aspirations for higher education partnerships. Members executed market research to identify product offerings and sales, marketing, and pricing models of other organizations. Along with market research Members also evaluated literature on higher education college success rates. Finally Full Circle Fund Members created a quantitative partnership evaluation Excel model to analyze potential partners.

Impact: Full Circle Fund’s Beyond 12 Project Team defined its engagement in terms of the following work items:

  • Notes and synopses of interviews with internal and external stakeholders.

  • A synthesis of literature review on higher education college success rates.

  • A comprehensive higher education sales, marketing, and partnership plan/package, including partnership criteria, metrics for partnership success, a pricing sheet with a retention calculator to show ROI for a high education partner.

  • A sales, marketing, and partnership implementation plan, including a draft MOU/business requirements of a partner.

  • A list of institutions to target, with the goal of 5-10 high education partners in place for AY11-12.

  • A quantitative partnership evaluation tool.

Through this work, Full Circle members not only helped support formative work for this important organization, they also became evangelists for the important issue of college persistence. Alex was a featured speaker at several Full Circle Fund events, and in 2012 went on to be named an Ashoka Fellow as well as a recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public February 2014, Beyond 12 was also listed on Fast Company World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education.In January 2014, Beyond 12 was awarded The Foundations’ Force-for-Change Grant to help fund the development of the MyCoach app, which aims to provide students with mobile alerts delivered and the College Success Facebook application, all monitored within Salesforce to help bridge the information gap for low-income students. Read more here.​


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