Business Council on Climate Change (BC3)

Mission: The Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) is a public-private partnership between local government and the business community that works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in San Francisco through collaboration and direct action.

Approach: Full Circle Fund helped BC3 produce an actionable strategy to help address “range anxiety”, a barrier to consumer adoption of electric vehicles, by increasing the availability of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in commercial buildings in downtown San Francisco.


  • Members armed BC3 with the contacts, strategy, and outreach materials (including EV success stories) to reach building managers, tenants, and owners in over 100 commercial buildings in downtown San Francisco.

  • Members created tools and resources that helped BC3 to fundraise for their EV program. Member support also opened the door to relevant potential funding opportunities.

  • Full Circle Fund saved BC3 at least $10,000 of staff member time and $3,000 on design for print and online materials.

  • Full Circle Fund goes beyond traditional grant-making. BC3 received much needed financial and in-kind support for an important initiative, and developed strategic relationships with a diverse and accomplished team of Bay Area professionals.” -Katherine Michonski, Director, Business Council on Climate Change, Full Circle Fund Grant Partner


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