Community Technology Network (CTN)

Mission: The mission of Community Technology Network is to catalyze and advocate for digital inclusion and literacy by providing training, mentorship, networking and volunteers to under served communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.CTN’s Volunteer Program matches eager and qualified volunteers with technology centers in communities throughout San Francisco.

Approach: In the first year of the grant, from 2007-2008, Project Lead Kami Griffiths and other members of Full Circle Fund’s Technology Circle were integral in the development of CTN as it adjusted its organizational structure as an independent organization. In June 2008, with support and funding from Full Circle Fund, CTN received 501(c)3 status. During the second grant year, Full Circle Fund assisted with more tactical projects such as strengthening the volunteer program, creating a plan for a mobile application and supporting the new Executive Director.


  • Full Circle Fund’s mufti-year partnership with CTN has yielded significant results. Members assisted the volunteer-run organization as the applied for and successfully received 501(c)3 status in early June 2008.

  • Due to Members’ help, by the end of the grant period they had grown to having two paid part-time staff and dozens of volunteers and CTN’s board of directors increased from four to twelve members representing community technology leaders from around the Bay Area.

  • Members worked with CTN to convene monthly meetings of Bay Area organizations working in community technology to share best practices. To date, hundreds of participants have attended these Networking Meetups, discussing the topics like refurbished computers, successful youth programs, community partnerships, and digital storytelling, among others.

  • Members helped secure web designer/developer for beta site of the Community Technology Directory, released in August 2008.

  • Members also assisted with developing a volunteer program that recruits, trains, and places volunteers in computer labs in San Francisco, which has become a critical component of CTN’s services.

  • The partnership provided exposure that helped the organization secure $35,000 of additional funding from another source.


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