Education For Change

Mission: Education for Change is designing a way to bring charter-level autonomy to district schools without forcing them to reinvent many of the services and systems that they depend on from school districts. The mission of Education for Change is to create a system of public schools that relentlessly focuses on students’ academic achievement.

Approach: Education for Change wanted to attract and retain excellent teachers, so they sought Full Circle Fund’s help. Members served as thought partners to help Education for Change develop materials and frameworks that can explain their innovative model to others. Members also helped to create and administer a survey to gain and disseminate information about what effective teachers need. The project was designed to help facilitate charter school formation, reduce conflict and duplicated effort, and give school districts new reasons to care about the success of the charter schools in their orbit. Another potential project was to create a Partnership Schools Manual for schools and their stakeholder groups.

Impact: Full Circle Fund Members created a new teacher evaluation system.This system was designed to promote teachers’ professional development and ensure high-quality teaching.


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