Equitable Local Funding: EdSource

Mission: With a solid reputation as a credible and respected source of K–12 education information, research, analysis, and data over the past 30 years, EdSource’s mission is to clarify complex education issues and to promote thoughtful policy decisions about public school improvement.

Approach: Full Circle Fund supported EdSource to research, write, and publish a local funding issue brief. The publication was released in September of 2009. Uniquely positioned as a non-advocacy based, nonpartisan resource, EdSource is an exciting partner for the Education Circle as they work to advance the state-wide conversation about equitable local school funding.


  • The publication produced in September 2009 explained in simple, accessible terms how the school finance system has been controlled to date.

  • The brief outline raised the important questions about school funding as well as recommended resources for learning more.

  • Members produced suggestions within the publication for what further information would help inform education policy going forward.

Watch this video to hear EdSource Executive Director, Mary Perry, speak to the Education Circle on the day the policy brief, “Local Revenues for Schools: Limits and Options in California” was released.


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