Family Independence Initiative (FII)

Mission: FII is an anti poverty organization that is focused on supporting low-income families as they work to improve their lives. Over the last 10 years FII has developed a community-building model in which groups of families meet once a month with the goal of improving their lives, relying on each other to find solutions and maintain accountability.

Approach: Full Circle Fund helped FII to conceptualize UpTogether, a web-based community-building site. The team of Members lent expertise in the strategy and design of this online community to encourage nationwide participation and reduce poverty.

In order to determine effective social media tools to encourage sharing, communication, and member growth in the long run, the project team collected feedback from a group of test users and shared recommendations. The feedback helped drive initial and ongoing engagement within the online community.


  • Members’ time contribution saved the organization two thirds of a full-time staff member.

  • Full Circle Fund’s team increased the beta supporter community enrollment by 50% and put a structure in place to officially launch by mid 2012.

  • Members’ network saved FII over $3,000 by connecting them to a leading design firm that conceptualized and designed the UpTogether website.

  • “We unequivocally gained incredible value from our engagement with Full Circle Fund. The team brought to light strategic issues we probably would not have considered, and helped us gain access to real market data from supporters.”-Jorge Blandon, Vice President, FII


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