Green Cities California

Mission: The mission of Green Cities California is to accelerate the local, regional, national and international adoption of sustainability policies and practices through collaborative effort. Green Cities California achieves its mission by working together on major initiatives, and by assisting other local governments in adopting and implementing sustainable policies and practices.

Approach: Green Cities California was poised to create a website to provide easy accessibility to the highest bar of sustainability policies and programs in the country, but needed financial and other support to make this vision a reality. Together, Full Circle Fund’s project team and Green Cities California looked to create a web-based “Sustainable City Toolkit” which provides easy accessibility to the policy documents, performance measures, media outreach tools, etc., that any jurisdiction might need to accelerate their journey to sustainability.

Full Circle Fund Members provided GCC not just funding but significant strategic support, marketing, consulting development, networking and technical assistance to help with the development of the website. The goal is to ensure the rapid spread of those best practices and speed up the implementation of sound environmental policies in cities and counties around the state, and ultimately drive state and federal programs.


  • Full Circle Fund’s Members helped launch www.greencitiescalifornia.orgby assisting with funding, providing technical and design resources, and participating in agency selection and feedback.

  • The web site,, provides everything staff and policymakers need to justify and directly implement new policy, including the document itself (ordinance, resolution or executive order), staff report, background research, legal analysis, and outreach and educational materials.

  • Members facilitated the securing of partners for GCC, such as the 11th Hour project, IDEO, Allison & Partners (a pro-bono PR Agency).

  • According to Green Cities, GCC policies have resulted 1,633,302 plastic water bottles from being landfilled which saves GCC member cities over $1.6 million.

  • Full Circle Fund’s work continues to encourage quick dissemination of the most pro-active strategies on climate protection, green building, smart growth and other leading edge solutions to the fearsome environmental problems we face.


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