GRID Alternatives

Mission: GRID Alternatives’ mission is to empower communities in need by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment and training. Its vision of sustainable development centers on community involvement, and its focus and expertise lies in using renewable energy and energy efficiency to provide solutions to the challenges facing low-income individuals and families.

Approach: The Full Circle Fund/GRID Alternatives partnership is based on helping GRID build its internal capabilities and develop the organization to handle the ramp-up in activity and responsibilities. To this end, Full Circle Fund and GRID identified a number of specific impact areas that are critical for GRID to be successful in making the transition from small start-up to statewide organization. Members provided general guidance on strategic development and problem solving. Full Circle Fund’s involvement helped to ensure financial sustainability by examining funding options targeting individual and corporate donors to assist with improvement of finance systems. Members helped infuse useful technology into the organization to ensure a successful ramp-up, roll-out and a sustained future.


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