Imagine H2O

Mission: Our mission is to inspire & empower people to solve water problems. Our vision is to turn water problems into opportunities. Imagine H2O solves this market failure by defining prize categories which focus attention on market opportunities that can be sustainably funded, providing validation via our expert network to facilitate investment in competition winners, and providing a go-to-market vehicle by incubating winners.

Approach: Imagine H2O was a non-profit in an early stage of development when Co-Founder Tamin Pechet met with Full Circle Fund Members in early 2008 to explore a partnership to support the organization’s launch to the next level of execution and traction in the communities it wished to serve. Full Circle Fund Members were excited to find an organization seeking innovation and visionary thinking to rectify water-related problems faced by communities around the globe. Full Circle Fund’s team sought early seed funding and a skilled volunteer base to execute the mission of the organization. Members provided strategic advisory and outreach to grow the organization and develop its mission within the numerous public, private and other water communities.


  • Full Circle Fund Members secured additional cash and in-kind donations amounting to almost $400,000 from large institutions interested in supporting Imagine H2O’s mission.

  • Members worked with Imagine H2O to build a broad volunteer base of almost 100 volunteers passionate about water and to promote a broader web-based community of 400 water-stakeholders.

  • The partnership resulted in a dynamic website highlighting IH2O community members, pre-competition events and other information put forth by IH2O.

  • Over 1,000 participants attended IH2O workshops held at campuses around the country.

  • IH2O has now had 4 successful years of international prize competitions, supporting more than 250 startups.


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