Innosight Institute (Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation)

Mission: Technology has transformed every sector of our economy, and will soon transform education as well. Innosight Institute is a think-tank that, among other work, is calling attention to the most exciting developments in the use of technology to support schools, school systems, and educators.

Approach: Innosight realized that they needed to develop a better understanding of user needs and how to customize data collection and output accordingly, so they sought help from Full Circle Fund. Together, Innosight and Full Circle Fund developed scalable and sustainable ways to easily share effective innovation with those who need to know about it.

The project scope included developing a roadmap for how the database will be developed, utilizing focus groups to identify user needs, creating an effective interface for gathering data, and finally establishing efforts to encourage participation on an ongoing basis.


  • Full Circle Fund Members conceptualized and further developed Innosight’s Blended Learning Universe. This system is designed to identify, aggregate and share data for blended learning programs launched nationwide.

  • Members designed marketing approaches to support database rollout and expansion.

  • Full Circle Fund network access saved Innosight over 250 hours in strategic work and $15,000 in staff and web development time.

  • Members provided an executive summary to Innosight related to necessary Blended Learning Universe components, outreach tactics, and overall recommendations.


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