Khan Academy

Mission: Salman Khan founded Khan Academy with the vision of enabling anyone to learn anything, anytime, anywhere, for free. It is a stunning vision, and a team of Full Circle Fund Members jumped at the chance to be part of making it real.

Approach: Khan Academy needed Full Circle Fund’s help managing and building the first version of a “best practices” implementation and training guide for teachers. Full Circle Fund Members helped to “map” Khan Academy lessons and videos to fit the emerging Common Core standards. Together, Full Circle Fund and Khan Academy worked to involve key stakeholders, conduct interviews and facilitate small group sessions to understand how to successfully use Khan Academy to teach math.


  • After partnering with Full Circle Fund, Khan went from being used in one school district and four classrooms to over ten school districts and over 100 classrooms.

  • Together Full Circle Fund and Khan Academy developed a 90-page teacher toolkit for administrators and teachers that helped recruit, organize, and align volunteers on their behalf, leading to significant fundraising development, and also attracting donors.Watch this talk about how blended learning has now transformed the Los Alto School District!

  • “At Khan Academy, we are excited about working with innovative organizations like Full Circle Fund that aren’t afraid to challenge some of the basic assumptions in education in order to meet individual student needs. Their Members developed an online toolkit that is now helping provide inroads for classroom teachers who want to utilize our lessons in a blended learning model. We appreciate their partnership.” -Shantanu Sinha, President & COO Khan Academy


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