Kitchen Table Advisors

Mission: Kitchen Table Advisors' mission is to help sustainable farms become sustainable businesses. Research has shown that only 50% of small farms survive beyond five years and even fewer achieve long-term viability. Kitchen Table Advisors increases the business viability of small, sustainable farms in Northern California by equipping farmers with business and financial management coaching and support needed to get on the path to resiliency – with the end goal of strengthening the local foodshed.

Approach: Full Circle Fund Members designed and conducted stakeholder interviews with over two dozen supporters and staff. The insights gained through these interviews, along with a custom-designed relationship map, informed recommendations for restructuring the new advisory board around a common purpose. Over the course of the six-month project, our Members partnered with Kitchen Table Advisors to clarify the roles, responsibilities and commitments needed from this new advisory board to support the growth of the organization.

Impact: In December 2014, Kitchen Table Advisors announced the re-launch of their advisory board as the “Kitchen Cabinet.” From creation to launch, Full Circle Fund Members provided in-depth guidance on the structure, purpose and marketing of the Kitchen Cabinet. Members of the Kitchen Cabinet now share leadership with staff through the commitment of their time, resources and social capital, which helps create a more resilient organization. In addition, Full Circle Fund and Kitchen Table Advisors developed a plan for rotating other supporters to roles where they could continue to contribute in meaningful ways.

Kitchen Table Advisors’ grant partnership with Full Circle Fund provided several additional benefits beyond the Kitchen Cabinet creation. Anthony Chang, Founder and Executive Director, took advantage of the highly valuable Trium Leadership Circle series, facilitated by our Strategic Partner The Trium Group. Several Full Circle Fund Members have also contributed additional time, resources and connections to help advance their mission, including volunteer photography, pro-bono legal advice and introductions to other foundations. In January 2015, Kitchen Table Advisors received Full Circle Fund’s inaugural $10,000 Impact Challenge award at the 2014 Wrap-Up hosted at Adobe, bringing their total Full Circle Fund grant to $25,000. Ultimately, the Full Circle Fund grant partnership provided Kitchen Table Advisors with a stronger platform and network to leverage as they grow and increase their impact in the Bay Area.

“The lasting relationships I built with Full Circle Fund Members and the practical tools I learned through Trium’s Leadership Circle workshop were totally unexpected and had as much of a positive impact on our organization as the project itself.” -Anthony Chang, Founder and Executive Director


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