National Geographic Photo Camp: Restore the Delta

Mission: National Geographic Photo Camp is a series of photography workshops for youth from underserved communities both in and outside the United States. In partnership with local newspapers and community organizations, Photo Camp inspires young people to explore their communities through the camera’s lens, and to share their vision through public presentations and exhibitions across the United States and throughout the world.

Approach: Full Circle Fund collaborated with National Geographic Photo Camp, Restore the Delta, and America’s Cup to increase awareness about the California Delta. Full Circle Fund’s engagement provided support with networking and resource procurement. Members assisted with outreach and volunteers, as well with design and storytelling.

The project culminated with the Full Circle Fund Members helping to run a 4-day workshop for 20 students to document their connection to the Bay and Delta. The project was featured at the America’s Cup Pavilion in 2013. Together, this project created images that will tell complicated stories in powerful ways, increasing environmental awareness and the potential for positive change.

Impact: We worked with National Geographic to manage a four-day Photo Camp for 20 high school students who documented their connection to the San Francisco Bay and Delta using photography, film and writing. The students’ work will be exhibited at the 34th America’s Cup races from July – September 2013 as part of the Healthy Ocean Project.


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