Pivot Learning Partners

Mission: Pivot Learning Partners seeks to revitalize public education by developing the education leaders and building the education organizations of the future.

Approach: In partnership with Full Circle Fund, Pivot Learning Partners created the North Bay Collaborative for Teacher and Principal Effectiveness, which convened 11 districts [TD1] to study and revise teacher evaluation systems. The goal was to initiate a process that would both improve outcomes for thousands of students and provide a more professional and fulfilling working environment for teachers and school leaders. Full Circle Fund Members lent their expertise to synthesize complex research on teacher and administrator evaluation systems. Members helped to assemble information about best practices from districts across the county into actionable information that participants could integrate into their work.


  • Together, Full Circle Fund and Pivot Learning Partners reached 95 educators in 11 districts in Sonoma County, serving more than 43,000 children by helping redesign their teacher evaluation systems. If half the districts take the next step to redesign their systems, over 20,000 California students will be directly impacted.

  • Full Circle Fund Members contributed 160 staff hours, saving Pivot an estimated $20,000.

  • Members helped Pivot secure $15,000 of additional corporate funding from State Farm and four new fee-for-service contracts including Moreland Union School District, Novato Unified, Fremont Unified, and the Sonoma County Office of Education.


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