Reach Institute For School Leadership

Mission: Reach, which started in 2004, focuses on supporting and developing teachers and school leaders. The organization provides a thoughtful, practical way for talented individuals already working in schools to have greater impact on student achievement, while at the same time stepping up to a career as a teacher.

Approach: Reach had the potential to create an important, efficient, and nationally scalable new pathway to teaching, but they needed help. Full Circle Fund Members contributed to the development of Reach Institute’s brand and marketing strategy in order to simplify and craft messaging about the Reach Model.

During the project, Members helped Reach Institute develop key marketing messages and put them into action by convening at least one workshop focusing on the dissemination of Reach’s practices, their alternative credentialing model, and the fast-moving field of alternative certification.

Impact: We developed a messaging system to help Reach effectively articulate their model to partners, policymakers and funders.


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