Rising Sun Energy Center

Mission: Rising Sun Energy Center’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve environmental and economic sustainability for themselves and their communities.

Approach: Rising Sun identified needs in the areas of Business Strategy and Development, Market Research, Finance, Marketing and Design. With help from Full Circle Fund Members in these areas, they felt confident that their proven, innovative programs would help solve the climate crisis, put people back to work, and reduce energy bills, which is a triple win!

The partnership between Full Circle Fund and Rising Sun Energy Center was based on helping Rising Sun build its internal capabilities and develop the organization to handle their ramp-up in activity and responsibilities.

Impact: Full Circle Fund and Rising Sun identified a number of specific impact areas that were critical for Rising Sun to be successful in making the transition from small start-up to a nationally known thought leader. These included creating a Five Year Strategic Marketing Plan & Materials for Expansion, identifying key market sectors and partners for target expansion, soliciting a pro-bono PR Firm and potential funding sources for expansion.

With the grant money, Rising Sun planned to produce marketing materials and build out a web based data management system to support affiliates use of material and measure their impacts.


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