San Francisco Green Film Festival

Mission: The San Francisco Green Film Festival is the West Coast’s leading destination for groundbreaking and compelling films on the urgent environmental issues of our time. As global temperatures skyrocket and media coverage of climate change vanishes, they aim to educate and connect communities through forward-thinking programs of environmental films and discussions.

Approach: SFGFF aimed to work with the Full Circle Fund team to further develop ‘Lights! Camera! Take Action!’, their signature community engagement program that is central to the festival’s impact-driven approach. One of the core functions of the LCTA program is to gather data about the festival as a vehicle for catalyzing environmental action. Members also worked to scale the organization’s initiatives to increase participation, as well as create, expand and evaluate engagement strategies.

Impact: As a result of the partnership, SFGFF developed new marketing insight to leverage their messaging surrounding the #sfgreenlife project. The project ran as a pilot in Fall 2013, allowing ample time for SFGFF to refine and expand the project by the 2014 Festival in May 2014, and enabling the organization to trial new ways of engaging their audience and developing a wide range of user-generated images to be used at Festival events and in marketing and fundraising collateral.

Other projects that sprung from the engagement included activating a Google AdWords grant, and generating creative branding and strategy ideas from Full Circle Fund’s 2013 Idea Lab.

Additionally, thanks to the partnership, SFGFF has been able to grow their organizational capability, restructure and redefine core staff roles, add new team members, and plan a productive, facilitated board retreat early 2013 that focused on strategic planning. SFGFF has expanded thinking around the Festival’s impact, the evaluation of its programs, and the need for strong metrics – all of which are now being folded into their organizational culture and planning.


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