Mission: SIRUM is an online exchange that streamlines the process of matching demand for medicine in areas of need with the excess supply from pharmaceutical companies. After free clinics and donors register with the SIRUM network, their software automatically matches the available supply of medication with the demand from free clinics. This process occurs in real-time using simple information technology.

Approach: During Full Circle Fund’s engagement with SIRUM, there was a unique window of opportunity where the need for their services was very great. To assist with SIRUM’s expansion and growth, Full Circle Fund’s team of Members focused on three main work streams: capacity building and business model, domestic partnerships and expansion and international strategy.


  • Full Circle Fund Members helped SIRUM to grow their service almost 10 fold within one year.

  • SIRUM had over $2.4 million in medicines in their donation pipeline in 2010 which is 700% more than when Full Circle Fund’s engagement began.

  • Members helped to define a recruitment strategy with SIRUM that had remarkable success. SIRUM was able to recruit donors outside of California including Hawaii, Maine, Virginia, and Oklahoma increasing their donor user base by over 80%.


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