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Mission: Systemic Change is an umbrella project containing five sub-project teams. The project’s mission is to provide a coherent framework for Full Circle Fund teams to examine and engage in key issues that affect education reform in California.

Approach: Full Circle Fund Members began by finding ways to translate dense education policy in coherent, readable form that would engage the community. The Members tackled this by connecting policy makers and educators to resources and expertise. (This aspiration contributed to the 2011 decision to partner with Children Now.) The group of Members convened and facilitated high impact policy discussions focusing for 2009-2010 on Alternative Teacher Compensation and Equitable Local Funding as well as the implications for education of a possible constitutional convention. The role of the members was to drive policy change towards better outcomes for children, with a specific focus on children in low-income communities. In 2010 this effort took form in the EACH approach, a platform of recommendations for state policy changes. Setting the groundwork for community-driven policy leadership to create quality public education for all children became the heart of the partnership with children now.

Impact: The effort made by Members drove policy changes that resulted in the EACH approach, a platform of recommendations for state policy changes.


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