The Niroga Institute

Mission: The goal of Niroga’s work with young people, in particular, is to teach them a mind-body practice that will help them manage stress, build self-control, make better decisions about high risk and impulsive behaviors, and perform better in school.

Approach: During Full Circle Fund’s two-year engagement with Niroga, team members helped the organization raise public awareness about its work and build needed fundraising capacity. Full Circle Fund participated as a one-third funder of a pilot program at El Cerrito High in Richmond, where 470 students engaged in yoga and mindfulness exercises right in the classroom for 15-20 minutes, three mornings a week.


  • The research conducted in the pilot program at El Cerrito High in Richmond demonstrated the validity and cost-effectiveness of this approach generally and Niroga’s innovative classroom-based protocol, called Life Corps, in particular.

  • The data gathered during this pilot was subsequently published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy and presented at a major conference in Los Angeles in March 2009.

  • A plan was designed to grow online individual donor base.

  • Full Circle Fund Members helped produce a seven-minute video showing the work they do with at-risk youth. A matching grant allowed Niroga to hire a filmmaker to produce the video at a discounted rate.

  • As a result of Niroga’s partnership with Full Circle Fund, this organization has been able to make valuable connections in the business and non-profit worlds while adding capacity in the areas of public relations and resource development.

  • “What Full Circle Fund supported in this last year was unique in the country. We worked with kids in classrooms over a semester. Data found we were able to reduce stress and increase self-control. The impact of this on education is major.” - Bidyut Bose, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Niroga


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