Mission: Jumpstart is working toward the day when every child in America enters school prepared to succeed. For the past 13 years, it has trained college students and paired them with young children in one-to-one partnerships designed to develop literacy, language and social skills in low-income preschoolers.

Approach: During this project, it became clear that focusing on college students alone would not fulfill Jumpstart’s goals. Full Circle Fund decided to partner with the San Francisco chapter to pilot a Senior Citizen Corps and intended to help Jumpstart determine the most effective way to speed implementation and replication of this program in the Bay Area and on a national level.


  • Full Circle Fund Members engagement with this project led directly to the establishment of the EnCorps Teachers Program.

  • The program is an innovative public-private partnership program that recruits qualified individuals to a second career in teaching.

  • Jennifer Anastasoff, the project lead for Full Circle Fund’s Jumpstart Project became the CEO of Encorps.


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