Santa Clara County Study for an Affordable Housing Strategy

Mission: The Santa Clara County Study for an Affordable Housing Strategy is a collaborative research project managed by Bay Area Local Initiatives Support Corporation (Bay Area LISC) with the support of Full Circle Fund and partner Chris Block. The study seeks to quantify the extent of the county’s housing needs and provide a basis for raising the capital needed to adequately house the county’s diverse population.

Approach: Full Circle Fund’s Affordable Housing Impact Circle worked with Bay Area LISC to form the Advisory Council and commissioned The Institute for Metropolitan Studies at San Jose State University to conduct the research. Full Circle Fund leveraged its initial financial grant to attract additional funding for the study and Members also served on the Advisory Council to develop communications and fundraising outreach campaigns.


  • Full Circle Fund Members conducted the primary research and writing phase of the study, titled Housing Silicon Valley: Affordable Housing Production Finance in Santa Clara County, was completed in Spring 2006.

  • Full Circle Fund leveraged its $25,000 grant to attract an additional $40,000 in funding for the study, including $25,000 from the Skoll Foundation and $5,000 each from the Adobe Systems, Community Foundation of Silicon Valley and Union Bank of California.

  • The team of Members analyzed policy implications of the study and how best to promote it among various constituencies in Santa Clara County.

  • Members arranged for study partner Chris Block to present initial study data and research at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s annual Vision & Values Summit in 2006.

  • The final report, Housing Silicon Valley: A 20 Year Plan to End the Affordable Housing Crisis (download PDF) was released by Bay Area LISC and Charities Housing in April 2007.

  • A Blue Ribbon Commission made up of public and private leaders and housing experts formed to develop practical strategies and provide the leadership necessary to move Silicon Valley forward; the Commission aims to develop and adopt an action plan to help end homelessness and solve the affordable housing crisis in Silicon Valley. Affordable Housing Impact Circle Chair and Full Circle Fund member, Ben Spero, is a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission.

  • “I’ve worked closely with the Affordable Housing Impact Circle for over a year now, and have been consistently impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of Full Circle Fund’s members. I can honestly say that Full Circle Fund is making a difference in solving the Bay Area’s housing crisis” Paul Peninger, Program Officer, Bay Area LISC

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