P.H. Mullen

P.H. (Peter) runs marketing for Junyo, a learning analytics startup dedicated to improving K-12 learning outcomes. He is a strategic advisor to 2 startups: PlayyOn, an online sports platform for age-group athletes and teams that focuses on boosting self esteem through sports; and 41Winks, a nonprofit advocacy group focused on sleep wellness. P.H. was part of the original Netflix team that introduced DVDs by mail and later streaming. He ran marketing at PowerCloud, which introduced the world's first home Wi-Fi router for parents to manage children's Internet consumption. He's the past board president of Silicon Valley's SBA's Small Business Technology Institute, former president of the Dartmouth College Silicon Valley Alumni Association, a Dartmouth Alumni Council member, and a parent board member at his children's school. He wrote "Gold in the Water" about athletes pursuing the Olympic dream and has completed 3 Ironmans. He went to Dartmouth and lives in the South Bay with his wife and family.

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