2014 Grant Partner Impact Challenge Videos

December 12th marked the launch of Full Circle Fund's first Impact Challenge! Participating 2014 Grant Partners have leveraged Adobe Voice to create videos describing what their organization would do with an additional $10,000 grant. The Full Circle Fund community with have one month to cast their votes and on January 13, 2015, we will announce the recipient of this grant at our annual Grant Partnership Wrap-Up & Celebration event, hosted by Adobe San Francisco.

In order to participate, you must be a subscriber on the Full Circle Fund mailing list. Subscribe here and we will be sending out more details over the next few weeks on how you can vote in Full Circle Fund's Impact Challenge![one_half]

1. CHILDREN'S COUNCIL OF SAN FRANCISCO- Donate to Children's Council of SF today

2. ED100- Donate to ED100 today

3. EVER FORWARD CLUB- Donate to Ever Forward Club today

4. iZone

5. KITCHEN TABLE ADVISORS- Donate to Kitchen Table Advisors today


7. NOT FOR SALE- Donate to Not For Sale today

8. WORLD SAVVY- Donate to World Savvy today

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