Koret Foundation Increases Support for Rising Leaders Program!

In 2012, while we brainstormed ways for Members to advance their impact, there existed an untapped resource in our network: young professionals ripe for leadership development who were eager to make a difference in the world.

Thanks to internal support and funding by the Koret Foundation, we were able to fill this void by launching our Rising Leaders Program, which has since empowered this dynamic group of young professionals to innovate new forms of engagement for organizations outside of our portfolio (such as the Idea Jamathon and #GivingTuesday Jamathon), create leadership development offerings, develop guest speaker programs, and more.

What started as a pilot program in 2012, the Rising Leaders Program has wildly exceeded our expectations, now including over 40 young leaders from the technology, nonprofit, corporate, start-up, and finance industries. To help us scale this program even further, the Koret Foundation has recently increased their support by 50% and has made a two year extended commitment. This support will undoubtedly help us build capacity within the program, reach more potential Rising Leaders, impact more local organizations in need, and take this program to the next level!"

The Full Circle Fund's Rising Leaders program has clearly been a success over the past two years. As a longstanding foundation serving the Bay Area community, Koret is pleased to help cultivate tomorrow's philanthropic leaders who aspire to create lasting change. " - Ashley Rodwick, Program Officer at Koret Foundation & Full Circle Fund Rising Leader

We are so thankful and honored for this continued support by the Koret Foundation! It has not only created a new space for young Members to make a difference and meet like-minded professionals, but has helped several organizations such as OneJustice and The Reset Foundation develop innovative solutions to their pressing issues.

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