Member Spotlight: J Scott Bryant

Throughout the year we like to recognize exceptional Members within our community that are making a lasting impact in the Bay Area. J Scott Bryant, an Economic Opportunity Circle Member, demonstrated his commitment to helping Bay Area nonprofits during the 2014 grant cycle and is currently celebrating his one-year anniversary as a Member. Over the course of 2014, Scott led the Not For Sale team, a nonprofit committed to protecting people and communities from human trafficking, and received our "New Member of the Year" award in December for both his leadership and engagement. Please take a moment to learn more about this extraordinary Member!

J Scott Bryant

SVP Deposits Management

Boston Private Bank

Member Since February 2014

FCF: How has your year as a Full Circle Fund (FCF) Member made an impact on your life and your perspective of philanthropy?

JSB: Our members, along with the courageous, remarkable organizations I’ve met and worked with, have helped me to reconnect with aspects of myself and my commitment to bettering our communities. I’ve regained a fundamental aspect of what it is to be human; and that is to simply love my neighbor. We may see things differently, come from very different backgrounds or belief systems, but if I consciously decide to begin things by honoring that basic love we all inherently have for each other, wondrous things happen from there.

FCF: How has your professional experience influenced your approach with FCF Grant Partners?

JSB: I’m thankful to have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of people, and clients, throughout my career, each influential in their own ways. From very large firms with complex needs, to small nonprofits who were merely trying to figure out how to best serve their constituents, I learned to listen more than I spoke and never to discount any opinions. Consequently, sometimes the most effective answers have come from the most unexpected sources. That approach has served me well in my work with FCF, but particularly when dealing with tough issues we confronted with our Grant Partner, Not For Sale. I truly believe that if you remain open-minded, explore diverse opinions, and listen carefully, the answers you seek will appear.

FCF: What was the most memorable advice or piece of wisdom you've ever received?

JSB: One of my mentors loved quoting James Baldwin when giving me advice. I’m also a huge fan of his work and often take inspiration from his writings. “Those who said it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it” was always a favorite. Self-explanatory, encouraging, sassy, and just cool.

FCF: What are you most excited about in the next 6 months?

JSB: I'm excited to build upon the lessons I’ve learned in the past year with FCF, grow from them, and apply them with new team members and Grant Partners. There is no shortage of talented, extremely intelligent folks who’ve decided to jump in and make a difference; as a curious kid at heart, I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!

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