Parent leaders want to help make their school system work better, but it’s big, complex – and changing fast. How can they learn what they need to know, quickly, so they can participate in these changes — and make a difference? Ed100.org, a free, self-paced online course, helps them understand the education system. Short, orderly lessons in English and Spanish explain the facts and controversies, and help participants develop their own points of view through discussions that matter.


Ed100 has been a long-term project of Full Circle Fund. It originated as printed learning materials for Full Circle members in 2006, and was first used as part of the grant inquiry process in 2008. In 2011, Full Circle Fund expanded these materials and made them available to the public online as Ed100.org. In 2014, Ed100 was extensively revised, deeply fact-checked, and translated to Spanish and re-released (in spring of 2015) in partnership with the California State PTA and with support from the Stuart Foundation and the Kabcenell Foundation.


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