Captivating Convos - Talk big?

By Jo Stein, Full Circle Fund Director of Membership and Community

It's been almost a month since we gathered for for Full Circle Fund UNITE connecting changemakers funding the future at SFJAZZ. And as we throw-back to this inspiring night with our wrap video below it got me thinking about my holiday gathering for 14 looming ahead in just over a week.

What did we do to inspire the crackling of positive-energy and feeling of connection at UNITE? The months of obsessive planning helped, but the magic was really in our community's willingness to be vulnerable and share their real stories.

It wasn't spontaneous either. So maybe planning might be a key to authentic discussions?

Our team leads worked for months to define and refine the topics and then sought just the right partner who would help them fulfill their goal of in some small way building a better Bay Area. We then asked them to then they put their work on the line with but mere moments to share the why and the how. And it paid off as the audience saw how the skills of everyday professionals can make a difference.

We also asked our nonprofit leaders to take a big leap with us too.

Day in and day out they share the missions of their innovative organizations focusing on the HOW. We asked them to get a little uncomfortable and share their personal WHY. The results were seven powerful stories. We'll be sharing each one over the next few weeks.

This also lends me to think being a little uncomfortable might also be another key to that crackling connectivity that comes from getting "real".

Taking these tidbits as inspiration I'm going to try and add to our tradition of dueling gravies and ask my guest to share. Now I haven't quite decided what topic but here are a few of the options our family is noodling on:

- What do you wish there was more of in the world?

- Who is real person that you've met that you look up to and why?

- Is there a pleasure you could give up for a month to donate $'s to charity?

- Do you have a big hairy idea you've been contempating?

- If you were asked to put an issue on your local ballot what would you add?

- What is an experience you've had in the last year that left you inspired?

This post comes to you with warm wishes for an inspired Thanksgiving. Let your conversations be lively. And if this post has you feeling generous we'd love your support as we work to curate more powerful conversations for changemakers like



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