Liz Puccianti

Liz Puccianti is passionate about people - their motivations, beliefs and aspirations. She started with an idea to collaborate with some of the brightest colleagues she has had the pleasure to work with over the years - and the collaborative was born.

Her natural curiosity to unearth and extract led her into the world of market research where the art and science of research was commonly under leveraged through segregation. With over 15 years in the art and science of uncovering motivations and behaviors, Liz specializes in bridging tools and people.

The research journey she creates is designed to bring greater value to the researchers, the clients and the consumers. At, she built segmentations and customer loyalty programs for over 23 product categories. At Barclays/Blackrock, she built and evangelized research among hedge funds, mutual funds, pensions, financial advisors and endowments. She’s worked out of Canada, Paris, Saigon and the U.S. for leading market research organizations such as Angus Reid/Ipsos, Taylor Nelson Sofres and Hispanic & Asian Market Research/Cheskin Research.

When not observing people, she dabbles in snowboarding, community building, French, photography, music, journalism, film, travel, wine and Belgian beer. Liz graduated in Political Science from the University of Rochester and did her Master's coursework in Economics at the University of San Francisco.​

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