Spirit of optimism - 2018 Grant Cycle

Fernande Legros Full Circle Fund Program Officer

2017 was marked by much uncertainty and crises. We walked into the year with much angst - wondering what we would do and what was to come. From the fires to the hurricanes, from Charlottesville to #Metoo, we were called again and again to speak out, speak up, speak to; to march and link up arms; to take a stance. It was undoubtedly daunting but also deeply liberating.

These shifts - manmade or natural - offered crucial opportunities to exercise our own voice and power. In the midst, we learned the value of resistance and building community with each other. That lesson has fueled a spirit of optimism in 2018.

In our community at Full Circle Fund, our conversations have been centered around how we can do more, how we can be more engaged, how we can learn more. To answer those questions, we’ve launched new ways to support our Members in their endeavor to become more effective - as champions, supporters, community members, and strategic allies to our nonprofit partners.

The year kicked off on a high note! 200 community members gathered for our Cycle Kick-off. Our Circle Kick-off meetings saw lots of new and returning faces. Together, they’ve decided to focus their energies to explore:

Economic Opportunity

  • Workforce Development: How to expand work opportunities for those traditionally shut out and investigate the future of work in the age of automation


  • Preventative Care: How to tackle illnesses, diseases, and isolation through a multi-generational approach

  • Sex Education: How to revolutionize sex ed and center consent and adequate information

Environment & Energy

  • Sustainable Food Systems: The sustainability of production and access to healthy foods

  • Resilience: How to build the capacity of vulnerable communities to weather the adverse effects of climate change


  • (Anti) School to Prison Pipeline: How to disrupt the school to prison pipeline and create safer spaces for children

  • Cradle to Career: How to support youth to and through college/career and success through the lense of apprenticeships and skills-building

As our teams embark on their inquiry process, some of these questions will inevitably change and gain more focus. If these issues are of interest to you or if you simply want to find a group of people to connect with and wrestle through these together, it’s not too late to join the Grant Cycle! Reach out to us and we’ll help you get connected.

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