Robel Yemiru

Robel Yemiru moved to San Francisco after working for two years in his native country, Ethiopia. He was compelled by the intense fervor of startup life, wanting to understand how to make critical business decisions in real time with imperfect information. He joined Pebble as a Customer Support Representative and left as a Product Manager. After three years at Pebble, he moved to Hawaii to help restructure Kalani, a nonprofit education center on the Big Island. He returned to San Francisco in June 2017 and began working in Product Operations at Box in August 2017. When he isn't working, Robel enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, writing literature, dancing, traveling to far-flung countries and forgotten towns, and interviewing people to understand how they came to be where they are. Giving is an inherent part of Ethiopian culture and is woven into all aspects of Robel's life.

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