Leslie Garner Franklin

Leslie is on a mission to make the world a better place by shaping experiences that unlock people's potential and optimize their contributions. She does this with a unique combination of infectious energy and optimism, playfulness, and a skill set that helps organizations operate with more clarity, efficiency, care and courage. Translated, she is a really joyful human and has expertise in organizational design, teaching + learning, project + change management and innovation. She's applied these gifts inside and outside of public education as a full-time staffer at BUILD, Teach For America and the San Francisco Unified School District + as a project-based consultant in tech, philanthropy, government and the non-profit sector. Leslie has many loves: San Francisco, trail running, strangers, Philz, experimenting in the kitchen, globe trotting + spending time with my incredible family. Since her childhood in rural Pennsylvania, she's been recognized time and again for the same thing: the spirit of service. Making an effort to better the place and people around me is what she is all about! Currently, via Mākyago Leslie lends her set of (highly skilled) hands to mission-driven organizations through project-based engagements. Pronounced make-ya-go, through her work, she aspires to make her clients go more confidently in the direction of their goals.

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