Donnie Fowler

Donnie Fowler helps younger tech ventures expand their markets and navigate opportunities in the public sector. He has a strong and eclectic record in tech business development, as a founder, and as a national political strategist. Since 2016, he has led Tech4America, a bridge between Silicon Valley and public leaders that includes a partnership with the National League of Cities. He is co-founder of Democracy Labs, a workshop for techies, creatives, and politicos to put better tools in the hands of groups and candidates. DemLabs has sparked groundbreaking work on voting machine hacking and social media monitoring, among other things. Donnie also teaches at the University of San Francisco and is a founding member of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society. For four years starting in 2012, Donnie was VP of business development at big data start-up PredPol, Inc., a result of collaboration between the LAPD and UCLA to better predict crime. While there, he recruited the company's largest investor and delivered a majority of the company's worldwide revenue. Donnie's political work includes a perfect 3-0 record leading presidential battleground states for Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama. He has worked on-the-ground in 17 states and for 8 presidential campaigns, including National Field & Delegates Director for Al Gore in 1999-2000 and General Wesley Clark's first national campaign manager in 2003-2004.

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