Ziski Putz

Ziski is a first-generation Austrian immigrant whose experience of growing up between continents shaped her fascination with the institutions that shape people’s quality of life. At a time when technological innovation is disrupting economies and activism alike, her focus is on the opportunity within that to reconfigure how governance institutions engage with and serve the public. Her desire to understand and influence public participation stems from and defines her past, what she’s doing at present, and what she wants to do in the future.

It's drawn her to LinkedIn's vision where, next to her day job in content marketing sales, she’s involved with government affairs initiatives leading LinkedIn's refugee strategy, sourcing local nonprofit partners, helping advise governments on how they can use LinkedIn data, and providing research to inform how LinkedIn might support more diverse work experiences. Her path to the Bay includes studying International Relations in Scotland and Paris, building mobile-phone charging stations for Refugee camps in Greece, growing a Student-think tank network in the UK, playing Lacrosse for the Austrian National Team, and teaching Yoga (less “Om” more “Oomph”). These ventures might be varied, but the theme is singular: an attraction to high-impact work that focuses on providing information and a platform to communities so they can be empowered to leverage their voice and enhance their quality of life.

Ziski’s community development work has placed her on the TEDx Stage, led to recognition by the University of Edinburgh, UN, and coverage by platforms, such as the BBC, Mashable, and HuffingtonPost. Her current goal is to learn from people with similar interests and varied histories, see every “best” view in San Francisco, and maybe drink less coffee along the way. But probably not.

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