Eban Mustapha Hamdani

Eban is a Senior Engineer for PG&E and stock trader on the side. He received both his undergraduate and graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and UC Berkeley. Problem solving and tackling engineering solutions for the future are key motivation factors for Eban. At PG&E, Eban is working on designing/maintaining the gas hydraulic system and has recently ventured into researching the intricacies of the electric grid for the future. Outside of work, working out, basketball and researching tech stocks encompass Eban's interests. The business model for Square is quite intriguing to Eban and his favorite pick. Eban is a huge fan of the NY Giants and recently traveled to New York to watch a home game. Being a part of the Economic Opportunity circle is a great fit for Eban as he has a great interest in analyzing/structuring business models.

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