A Different Kind of Resolution for 2017

By Jay Hirschton, Full Circle Fund CEO

I want to invite you in joining me in my New Year’s resolution. While my dad-bod could use a few extra trips to the gym, and I should probably read a few more novels rather spending hours thumbing through Facebook, this is a different type of resolution.

  • This resolution challenges you emotionally, intelligently & physically.

  • This resolution is urgent and timely.

  • This resolution will sustain your growth long after 2017.

  • This resolution places you as a leader.

  • This resolution can clearly be accomplished.

My resolution is simple. LEAD others to TAKE ACTION on the most pressing issues in our community.

Every year at Full Circle Fund you - our Members - LEAD and TAKE ACTION and the results show. This year nearly 80 Full Circle Fund Members actively worked with seven solution-driven Grant Partners. Through this hard work, dedication and commitment we moved the needle for the organizations that needed our support the most and through the process, we have all grown into better leaders & philanthropists.

Like with any new skill, practice makes perfect. LEADERSHIP and ACTION are the very heart of how the Full Circle Fund community accelerates change.

  • Your leadership helped to expand the perspective of our nonprofit Partners.

  • Your actions helped these Partners become more adept at leveraging strategic volunteer talent to solve their most pressing issues.

Now we need you to harness these skills as we enter one of the most urgent Full Circle Fund grant cycle years in our 16-year history.

I hope you and your family have an amazing holiday season and that you take time to for personal renewal and the celebration of all that you accomplished in 2016. After this time of self reflection, I also hope you’ll join me in my New Year's resolution to LEAD & TAKE ACTION. You can get things started at the Kick Off Event on January 17th, please join us.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. See you in 2017!

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