Full Circle Fund's Renewed Vision

By Jay Hirschton, Full Circle Fund Executive Director

Over the last twelve months, we have been working with YOU, our active network of changemakers, to refine our purpose as an organization and our place within the broader Bay Area community. We’ve listened and learned over hundreds of coffees, formal interviews, focus groups, and surveys. YOU, as a Member, a Grant Partner or a supporter, have always been at the center of the work we are doing, which is why it was so important that we took this empathetic heart centered approach to help us renew our vision.

Full Circle Fund envisions a Bay Area where changemakers from all walks of life harness their resources to make social responsibility a priority—building a thriving, sustainable and diverse community that helps shape solutions to today's most pressing issues.

In short, Full Circle Fund is a convener, connector, and catalyst for Bay Area changemakers.

To better support this renewed focus, there are some very visible and a few more subtle changes you may start to notice. The first is a clear definition of our four core programs. It is clear our community catalyzes change in the Bay Area through an engaged philanthropy model that fits into these core programs.

  • Annual Grant Cycle

  • Flexible Engagements

  • Learning and Training

  • Thought Leadership

It is also clear that everyone in our network comes together to give. Each of us leverages our time, networks, and dollars to partner in accelerating social change in different ways. We are shifting to better recognize that each of those approaches are equally important.

Part of the shift you will see immediately is our moving away from the name Demo Day and reframing our flagship event in October as Full Circle Fund Unite. This event will be a night to showcase changemakers and fund the future.

Leading up to the event on October 25th at SFJazz, we’ll be sharing the work our community is doing to create a better Bay Area. We hope the inspiring stories will help activate more changemakers to make social responsibility a priority. And we encourage you to join us in sharing these stories and amplifying the importance of taking action. One simple way anyone can get activated is by helping us build our grant funds at Bayareachangemakers.org.

And as our Full Circle Fund community continues to evolve intentionally, we welcome your perspectives. Please reach out with ideas, potential partnerships, and feedback to help us better collaborate to shape solutions to the most pressing problems.

THANK YOU! Thank you for your strategic advice, your guidance, your cheerleading, your passion and your commitment to the incredibly important work we are all doing together to create a better Bay Area.

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