Member Spotlight: Johnatan Uribe

Member Spotlight:

For over 20 years nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals have counted on Full Circle Fund (FCF) to help build a better Bay Area. Every year we count on our Members to share their time and talent to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions.

We recently caught up with Johnatan Uribe to share his volunteer Member experience as part of the Accelerate Social Justice in a Post-COVID World Initiative. When he’s not volunteering at FCF, Johnatan is Staff Product Designer at Okta where his multidisciplinary background helps him cultivate engaging experiences for a variety of purposes and to think with a holistic approach.

Why did you become a FCF member?

Okta has been working with FCF, and one of the design directors asked the team about the opportunity to volunteer with FCF. I am always looking for opportunities to give back and I also like the idea of working on new products.

What was one of the biggest challenges your volunteer team worked on with the nonprofit partner?

The goal of the project was to design a dashboard for the WorkIt, an app by United for Respect, to help hourly job workers get fast answers to questions about workplace policies and rights from trusted, trained peer advisors. We had a lot of available data, but we needed to understand what data was essential for the user. Talking to customers helped us better understand what questions we needed to answer with the dashboard. (Editor’s Note: For more on the WorkIt project, check out the Post-COVID Insights Report, page 7).

What was the most rewarding part of your FCF project experience?

I enjoyed working with the WorkIt team, a group of very talented and great humans. Also, I got to collaborate with Oktanauts, with whom I hadn't had the chance to work with.

How would you describe FCF to friends and family?

Great question! FCF helps nonprofits in the Bay Area in different aspects such as helping nonprofits get funding and finding talented volunteers and partnering with nonprofits to solve a problem they have.

Would you like to add anything else?

It was an honor to have volunteered with FCF. Besides the work we did with the WorkIt team, they had very insightful sessions on different topics. I highly recommend anyone interested in giving back to join one of the FCF cohorts.

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