Restorative Practices - SFUSD

Mission: San Francisco Unified School District adopted a positive discipline approach, called Restorative Practices, in 2009 as a way to reduce the high rates and disproportionality of suspension, especially for Black boys. A restorative approach sees conflict or misbehavior as an opportunity for students to learn about the consequences of their actions, to develop empathy with others, and experience how to make amends in such a way as to strengthen the community bonds that may have been damaged. Project: Currently, implementation of restorative practices is uneven. Although anecdotal evidence is positive, many school leaders are reluctant to commit the time and resources to introduce or deepen RP without empirical evidence of its effectiveness. The Project Team assisted SFUSD with program evaluation through surveys, interviews, and analysis, so SFUSD could build a stronger case for more extensive adoption of RP among school staff. Deliverables:

  • Implementation roadmap

  • Recommendations for strategic planning



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